Our Culture

Trust is in our name, brand, and culture. Trust is what makes AmTrust unique. Learn more about our company and values.

About Us

AmTrust strives to be the best global specialty insurer by delivering outstanding insurance and risk solutions to our clients and partners through innovation, niche expertise, and unparalleled service.

What started as a small warranty company in 1998 has grown into a global, multi-billion dollar business with a broad product offering. We are rated “A-” (Excellent) with a Financial Size of “XV” by AM Best.

It is the unique blend of AmTrust’s people and culture, our vision, mission and core values that will continue to differentiate us as we carve out our future success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best-in-class global insurance and risk solutions provider. Our mission has remained the same since the beginning: To deliver outstanding insurance and risk solutions to our clients and partners around the world through innovation, niche expertise, and unparalleled service.
AmTrust employees achieve our vision and mission through our core values: Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Responsibility, Inclusion, and Teamwork.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key AmTrust values that drive day-to-day-decision-making as well as long-term strategic direction. AmTrust seeks to cultivate a diverse workplace where the input of all employees is valued independent of employees' age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, disabilities, or any other identity attribute or characteristic which makes someone unique. Without diverse thought, the innovation required to be a market leader is impossible. 

AmTrust strives to recruit and develop talent that represents the fullest spectrum of backgrounds and viewpoints. By fostering an inclusive environment, AmTrust reaps the benefits of a culture characterized by respect and open-mindedness. 

Additionally, by cultivating a workplace that is welcoming and that values differences, AmTrust seeks to remain a sought-after employer that attracts and retains top-notch talent. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are our shared responsibilities – not a volunteer action but an expectation based on AmTrust’s core values. Inclusive cultures do not just exist, they are co-created by leaders, people managers, and employees across the company.
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