Property Insurance

AmTrust can create specialised property insurance plans to protect homes or businesses against a wide range of hazards. 

What Sets AmTrust Apart? 

Underwriting niche property risks is one of AmTrust's specialties. Our property insurance product assures businesses and property owners that their property is covered against a wide range of risks. Our expertise and capabilities enable us to offer products that:   
- Consider a wide variety of risks, ranging from homeowners to heavy industrial, including some industries that are traditionally regarded as "high risk"  
- Cover open market risks and delegated authorities in the USA and internationally  
- Specialise in bespoke delegated authorities in the UK and Europe  
Landlord Insurance 

Landlord Insurance 

Our landlord insurance products are flexible and attractive for residential owners. We offer cover for a large number of tenants, including professionals, DSS, students and asylum seekers. Our cover options can also be tailored to fit an individual landlord's needs and include the following:  

  • Buildings  
  • Loss of rent  
  • Property owners liability  
  • Legal protection  
  • Accidental damage  
  • Trace and access

Unoccupied Property 

Unoccupied Property 

Our Unoccupied Property Insurance is a flexible and attractive product  for residential or commercial property owners. Whether the property is unoccupied in the short term, between tenants or vacant for a longer period during alteration or maintenance, our cover options range from fire, lightning, aircraft and explosion to full perils. We can also offer 3- or 6-month policy terms for short-term unoccupied risks.  



We provide cover for leisure caravans and awnings. Our innovative caravan  product includes discounts for owners who store their caravans at a site accredited by the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA). Cover options for caravans include:   

  • New for old  
  • Loss of use  
  • Public liability  
  • European use  
  • Contents and awnings    
Our Caravan product is supported by our in-house claims service, which provides specialist claims handling from the first notification to the final settlement.  

Commercial Property Owners

Commercial Property Owners

AmTrust can provide commercial landlord insurance for a range of businesses either as a stand-alone  or as part of a commercial combined product and can protect against a number of aspects, including liability and business interruption. Cover options include:  

  • Buildings 
  • Loss of Rent  
  • Property Owners Liability  
  • Legal Protection  
  • Accidental Damage  

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