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Providing bespoke Mortgage & Credit Insurance solutions to lenders and financial institutions.

What Sets AmTrust Apart? 

The Mortgage & Credit division offers market and product expertise combined with AmTrust's depth of experience in providing niche and bespoke insurance solutions to lending institutions worldwide.  
Mortgage Insurance from AmTrust helps lenders minimise their risk exposure and maintain their financial stability in case of borrower default. 
Client Solutions

Client Solutions

We strive to create flexible solutions for our clients, which:

  • Can be loan by loan as mortgages are originated (flow) or can be applied to existing portfolios (back-books). 
  • ​Can meet several lender needs, e.g., risk transfer, provisioning savings, capital management, managing volatility and regulatory requirements.  

Flexible and Adaptable Solutions 

Flexible and Adaptable Solutions 

As a niche and bespoke insurance provider, AmTrust's specialty is creating an insurance policy that adapts to the lender's needs. We can also insure mortgages for an inforce portfolio of mortgages on a back-book basis. In addition, we can look at bespoke solutions including but not limited to first loss deductible, stop loss features and different depths of cover.  


Increasing Volume for Lenders 

Increasing Volume for Lenders 

The high-LTV market provides a greater margin to the lender. However, it also involves greater risk from a credit and default perspective. Our mortgage insurance solution allows lenders to increase their volume in these high-margin sectors while keeping their risk exposure low. Our insurance product protects against house depreciation, which, in turn, protects lenders in case of a borrower default. Lender loan loss provisions are reduced, and lenders can preserve capital with an insurance line that maximises revenue while controlling risk.  

Additional Services 

Additional Services 

At no additional cost, lenders can take advantage of several additional services offered by the AmTrust team, including:   

  • Referrals for loans that fall outside the agreed lending criteria but which may still present a good risk.  
  • Audits of lenders' underwriting processes to ensure underwriting quality is kept to a high standard.  
  • Joint business reviews and analyses of lenders' portfolios.  
  • Advice on best practice arrears management and foreclosure solutions.  
  • Advice on creating new lending criteria when developing new products or expanding into new territories.  

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