AmTrust Europe

Risk Solutions and Creative Underwriting

From its headquarters in London, AmTrust Europe Limited focuses on building durable dynamic partnerships with clients, intermediaries and coverholders globally, to meet their business needs. AmTrust Europe is one of six major branches within AmTrust International, the global operations unit of AmTrust Financial Services Inc.

With offices in London, Nottingham and Milan our underwriters have a wealth of expertise, flexibility and experience across a vast product portfolio enabling us to target specialist niche risks. No matter what type of insurance you might need us to create for you, you'll enjoy bespoke service and solutions combined with unparalleled security and strength.

Our Products and Services

AmTrust Europe offers insurance solutions in the folllowing areas:
  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Mortgage & Credit Insurance
  • Professional Lines
  • Property Insurance
  • Surety
  • Warranty and Special Risks Insurance

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Specialist market knowledge and lateral thinking is the driving force enabling AmTrust Europe to create bespoke products to suit your business needs.
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Proficia (EISL) – contact details for DO policy and claims administration: English - fran├žais

AmTrust International Underwriters DAC

Focus and Specialties

Dublin-based AmTrust International Underwriters DAC is a regulated insurance company within the global insurance operation of AmTrust Financial Services Inc. We're known for service, responsiveness, and our consistent ability to find solutions to even the most unusual risk challenges. With a can-do attitude and a track record of innovation, we work closely with clients to develop the bespoke products they need to manage risk effectively and fully explore opportunities.

Security, Value & Customisation

AmTrust International Underwriters DAC (AIU) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and has been rated ‘A-’ Excellent by A.M. Best. We create insurance solutions with the understanding that every business is different. By focusing on your unique needs, we are able to offer insurance products that are customised directly for you. Our dedicated risk management and claims services, combined with the use of advanced proprietary information systems, ensure an efficient, secure and dependable experience.

Our Clients and Products

AmTrust International Underwriters DAC targets niche specialist risks, focusing on small to medium-sized enterprises. We work creatively to develop bespoke insurance solutions for leading financial institutions, retailers and manufacturers. Our focus areas include the following:

  • Professional Lines including Casualty, Liability, Professional Indemnity
  • Warranty and Special Risks Insurance

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Proficia (EISL) – contact details for DO policy and claims administration: English - fran├žais

AmTrust Underwriting Limited

Providing underwriting expertise and service for broker partners in the UK, AmTrust Underwriting Limited have built a reputation assisting brokers seeking access to the expertise, capacity, and security of the Lloyd's market - backed by attentive personal service and a flexible technology platform.

AmTrust Underwriting commit to building secure long-term partnerships by supporting brokers to develop a balanced and profitable book of business. Across new business, mid-term adjustments and renewals, AmTrust Underwriting offer partners an exceptional level of service and innovative approach.

Our Products and Services

Providing direct access to undewriting decision makers, AmTrust Underwriting can respond flexibly and creatively to the challenging risks.

Business Products
  • Group Business Travel
  • Group PA&I
  • Business Advantage
Specialist Products
  • Entertainment Travel
  • Amatuer Sports
  • Locum Cover
Personal Products
  • Individual PA&I

AmTrust Underwriting offer broker partner a flexible way of working, including access to an online system supporting full point-of­-sale and bind functionality backed by personal referral support (during business hours). That means we are always available to review presentations and provide tailored quotes and/or bespoke solutions to meet your needs and those of your clients.

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AMT Mortgage Insurance

What sets AmTrust apart?

We provide mortgage and other insurance solutions for lending institutions. For 20 years, we have worked in partnership with banks, building societies and insurers who lend across Europe. We look to form long term partnerships, adding value beyond the insurance we provide. We have partnered with everyone, from a number of the top UK, Nordic and Italian banks to mid-size building societies across Europe.

We provide additional services at no added cost, including referrals, portfolio analysis, lending criteria advice and quality assurance audits. 

Flexibility and Choice

When you work with us, you'll have two primary options for your mortgage or credit insurance:
  • Flow insurance that offers insurance on a monthly, loan-by-loan basis.
  • Back book insurance that offers insurance on a closed portfolio of loans.
 Within these options, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke products that are completely customised to your unique needs as a lender. However, if you would like a structured solution, we will strive to create a product that fits.

Exceptional Complimentary Services

Here at AmTrust, we are passionate about delivering the best value possible to our clients. That is why we offer a range of value-added services at no additional cost when you work with us. These services include:
Lending criteria
Get advice to develop new lending products/schemes and expand to different regions.
Submit good-risk loans outside of agreed criteria to us for fast approval.
Quality assurance
Use our auditing capabilities to make sure your underwriting processes are superior and applied consistently.
Arrears management and forbearance
Lean on our expertise to track and handle your borrowers' loan debts properly and in accordance with current regulations and best practices.
Portfolio analysis
Find out how to diversify your loans and properties to maximise yield and decrease risk.
Business reviews
Meet with us as often as needed to examine your operations, financial performance, marketing and other areas. 

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AMT Mortgage have locations is UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Netherlands and can provide Mortgage and Credit insurance solutions across Europe. Contact the team today to find out how we can help your business.