Medical Malpractice

AmTrust is a leading provider of Medical Malpractice
insurance, supporting the medical industry in protection against litigation.
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Medical Malpractice Insurance

AmTrust provides coverage to indemnify a client if they are subjected to a malpractice claim as a result of an error or omission comitted whilst working. In a world of litigation even the most highly regarded professional is at risk, we can support medical professionals by providing them legal support, guidance and financial protection against spiralling legal costs.

What sets AmTrust apart?

Primarily operating in Italy we offer innovative and bespoke products designed to support our clients should they be exposed to a negligence claim. Our underwriters are distinguished by their experience and expertise. By using our knowledge of the market we work with our brokers and intermediaries to create innovative and bespoke solutions that adapt to the changes in the insurance market, creating long term and sustainable partnerships.
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There when it matters most

AmTrust has dedicated specialist claim handlers that can speak directly to insureds to offer them legal guidance when they need it the most. We manage every element of the claim process working with the client to mitigate further risk and potential losses.

Lines of business:
Professional liability coverage for Healthcare sector professionals

Civil Professional Liability and Serious Fault, Legal Protection and Accident

Civil Professional Liability policy and serious fault for doctors in specialization
Professional Civil Liability Policy for the serious fault of the Healthcare Employees
AmTrustNurse & Care
Civil Professional Liability Policy and Serious Fault for non-medical health professionals

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