AmTrust Nordic

AmTrust Nordic AB is the AmTrust Group's platform in Scandinavia.

Established in 2005 AmTrust Nordic AB, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AmTrust International Underwriters DAC. As a general agent it is involved in underwriting, risk and claims management throughout the Nordic region.

Our Services and Products

In cooperation with colleagues in Dublin, London and Nottingham, AmTrust Nordic is able to handle the whole process from development of the idea behind an insurance scheme to claims management. 
We can provide tailored solutions for:
  • Warranty & Special Risks Insurance
  • Accident & Health Insurance
  • Property Insurance
 Our core clients include:
  • Automotive
  • Banks
  • Leasing companies
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Trade unions
  • Real estate agents and developers
  • Telecoms
  • Service companies
  • Security companies
  • Power and utility companies

Contact Us to Get Started

 AmTrust Nordic is fully committed to developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients. Contact us today to discover how AmTrust Nordic can help your business achieve its goals.